Annette Ferdinandsen

Baltic Amber Honey Drop Earrings
One of a kind
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Baltic Amber Honey Drop Earrings
Baltic Amber Honey Drop Earrings
by Annette Ferdinandsen
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It's as if you can feel the pine trees that produced the fossil resin that makes this amber. Smooth, long teardrops speckled inside with clusters dangle from tiny, 18k yellow gold honeycombs. These earrings handcrafted by Annette Ferdinandsen feel earthy. And if you belive in legends - when storms occur near the Baltic Sea, the amber pieces that wash up on shore are the tears from a grieving goddess who still cries for her lost love. How romantic!

  • earrings total length 2 5/16"
  • amber drops measure 9/16" by 2"
  • amber gemstone is 1 1/4" long
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