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Our Story

Voiage - translating as the French word for journey - represents a unique approach to retail while exploring the art of fine jewelry with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and originality. From our Beverly Boulevard headquarters in Los Angeles, we offer a carefully curated assortment of designs, most of which are one-of-a-kind, rare vintage or limited-edition.

Equipped with over a decade of experience as the creative force behind the popular online jewelry destination Persimmon, Julie Schroeder’s latest adventure redefines what it means to open a contemporary retail space, cross-pollinating two of her greatest passions - jewelry and art - while hosting intimate designer trunk shows and events. And at http://voiagejewelry.com/ a similarly innovative approach reigns supreme as clientele get set to experience revolutionary 360° views and exclusive video content. 

“Jewelry - in many cases - represents special occasions and important milestones in life” she says. "We develop strong emotional ties to the pieces we wear and so it’s only a natural extension for us to develop meaningful, collaborative ties with each of our designers presenting them in a unique environment that reflects our passion not simply for jewelry, but also for art and sculpture, painting etc. Voiage is essentially our ode to creativity as we explore the art of retail in our own unique way."

Voiage Founder Julie Schroeder